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Thank you for visiting WizardHunt.net, a community created by ReviewNet Corporation to help IT professionals find and grow the Wizard inside of them. WizardHunt members "compete" in ongoing tournaments where the questions measure IT expertise. In each contest, Members not only have a chance to win prizes, but they also get a score report showing their own strengths and weaknesses. ReviewNet gets feedback about the questions used and our members find out about themselves.

Some WizardHunt members may apply to the ReviewNet Advisors Community for Authors, Interviewers, and Mentors. ReviewNet Advisors create and use IT assessments to help clients screen, interview and develop IT professionals.

WizardHunt.net is a place where you can learn and grow professionally. We'd love to get your feedback and ideas on making WizardHunt to be the best it can be for you.

Sincerely, Heather Garrison, President ReviewNet Corporation

About WizardHunt Contests & Tournaments

There are generally two kinds of Tournaments, "Open" and "Invitational".

Open Tournaments are open to all WizardHunt Community Members and prizes can be won regardless of level of ability. Open Tournaments provide an opportunity for members to privately find out about their technical strengths and weaknesses.

Invitational Tournaments are more limited in scope than Open Tournaments. A limited number of participants are invited based on their credentials. Generally, there are multiple participants in an Invitational who have a "winning score". Invitational Tournaments provide ReviewNet with valuable feedback and peer review of IT skill questions, as well as a qualified source for authors.


  • Learn Your IT Strengths and Weaknesses

    Members get their results from each "Open Contest" they enter, delivered to them by email.

  • Learn about the ReviewNet Advisors Community for Authors, Interviewers, and Mentors. Expand Your Professional Network and Technical Reputation.

    Apply to the ReviewNet Advisors Community and expand your network by sharing your knowledge, be promoted for your expertise, and earn income and professional exposure as a ReviewNet author, interviewer, or mentor.

  • Win Great Prizes and Have Fun

    WizardHunt allows Members to practice their skills and compare their performance with other bright, talented, and motivated IT professionals. And best of all, Members can win great prizes while doing so. WizardHunt Tournament prizes are paid for by sponsor fees. In addition to our technology tournaments, members can also win prizes in our Weekly Wizard Wire Newsletter contest or through referring fellow "Wizards" to WizardHunt!

  • Free to Join

    There is no charge to Members to join the WizardHunt Community or the ReviewNet Advisors Community.

  • Personal Control of Privacy and Participation

    WizardHunt and ReviewNet Advisors Members are in control of their involvement in the community. Members can choose to remain completely anonymous to other participants. Members can opt to receive communications from WizardHunt concerning upcoming tournaments, tournament results and opportunities they might be interested in.