Member FAQs

General Questions

Is there a fee to join the WizardHunt Community?
No. There are no fees associated with joining the WizardHunt Community.

Profile Information

What information do I put in my profile?
Your profile includes the information we need to support your WizardHunt membership. You only need to have your name and email address to register. If you want to participate in an Invitational Contest, we would need to collect additional information that would enable us to award you a prize and confirm your eligibility for the contest. This is generally your address and phone number and a basic profile, preferably a public profile, such as one on LinkedIn or GitHub. If you want to apply to the ReviewNet Advisors Community for Authors, Interviewers, and Mentors, we will need information to confirm your credentials. This is generally met by an accurate resume.
Who can see my profile?
Your profile is kept completely confidential for all except WizardHunt staff. You may choose make it public at your command.


What are the different kinds of Contests?
There are several contests and sweepstakes that WizardHunt members can enter. Contests are either "Open" or "Invitational". Any WizardHunt member can enter an Open Contest. Invitational Contests are those where members are invited to participate, and generally require having specific credentials or expertise.
What format are the contest questions?
Questions are typically multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, similar to pre-employment screening questions. Questions for Invitational Contests may include multiple choice, code evaluation, and open-ended essay questions.
How are winners notified?
Winners will be contacted through the Email they have provided in their WizardHunt Member Profile.